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Many of our classes fill quickly, so early registration is recommended! There is a $20.00 nonrefundable registration fee for all students which include a DANCE CONNECTION P.A.C. t-shirt. At the time the fee is paid, your space in class will be reserved.
Attendance is taken at each class. Good attendance is imperatives, as absence and tardiness can hold back an entire class and the studio cannot jeopardize its responsibilities to the rest of the class for one student. Please make every effort to have you child at each class.
What to Wear ... What to Wear
It is very important for dance students to be dressed in appropriate dance attire so that teachers can observe body placement. All female dancers are required to wear leotards and tights to class. Pink ballet shoes are required for all levels.

Tan tap shoes are required for all levels from beginning through Elementary 2. The Intermediate 1 through Advanced levels need black Jazz taps. Tan Jazz shoes are worn through the Elementary 2 level. From Intermediate 1 through advanced, black jazz shoes are worn.

Male dancers are required to wear gym shorts, bikers or close fitting sweatpants, and t-shirts. Boys should discuss what type of shoes are needed with the teacher. All students' hair must be tied back and secured for class. A bun is preferred for all ballet classes.
Class Observation
Parents’ Observation Days will be twice a year. The first week of December and March. Viewing windows are open October, January and May.
Holidays, Snow or Bad Weather
Holidays will generally follow school schedules. Holidays will be posted prior to holiday periods. The studio will not necessarily close for snow days, regardless if the area schools are closed, since many times roads are clear and safe by 2:30 p.m. If in doubt, call the studio for information. (636) 447-3365
Birthday Parties
Dance Connection P.A.C. is a great place to celebrate your birthday! Check with the office for more information on our Ballerina or Hip Hop Birthday Parties!  
Each student completing 5, 10 and 15 years of training with Dance Connection P.A.C. will be presented a special award at our annual showcase.  
Summer Dance Camp
Our summer dance camp programs are designed for students at every level of dance education; from those who have had little or no training to those who have had years of classes. They are great fun!  
Dance Connection P.A.C. now has their own website: You can e-mail your teachers, check on schedules, showcase information, observation dates and see pictures of our dancers. If you don’t want your child’s picture used on our website please let the front desk know.  
Dance Connection P.A.C. issues a newsletter the first week of each month. Please pick up your copy at the front desk or view our newsletter here. You may also join our Free Email Newsletter here. This is our way of keeping you informed. In addition to the newsletter notices, important information is posted on the bulletin board in the lobby each week. It is the students and parents responsibility to check the notices frequently.  
Annual Showcase Performance
Each student is invited to perform in our Studio Showcase in June. We feel that a yearly dance production is an important part of your child’s training. Through the performance experience your child will gain confidence in themselves, learn to follow stage directions and learn that through cooperation and team work great things can be accomplished. At the end of each dance season our students will perform what they have learned in our annual showcase. This is the highlight of the dancer’s year as they learn to present themselves in front of an audience and gain self-confidence.

Showcase Codes:

Blue, Purple, Yellow and Green. What are these showcase codes? Having a studio with as many students as Dance Connection P.A.C. requires us to split our performances into multiple shows. This will keep the show a more reasonable length and provide more tickets per family. The only disadvantage to having multiple shows is if a family has students that will be performing in more than one show, multiple sets of tickets need to be purchased.

While we can’t prevent that, what we can do is let you know up front what show each class will be performing in. This way, our customers can try to enroll their children in classes that will be performing in the same show. We currently have scheduled four shows.

After the session is underway we will evaluate the number of students and routines we have scheduled and may end up combining a couple of shows together. Students on the
competition team may perform in any or all of the shows. If you have siblings in different shows you will need to purchase tickets for both shows.  
Tuition is payable on a monthly basis in advance and is due by the first lesson of each month.

tuition remains the same regardless of how many lessons in the month. Most months have four lessons, some have five and December has three (due to the Christmas holidays). Tuition is nonrefundable and nontransferable. There will be a $25.00 charge for any checks that are returned.

There will be no reduction in
tuition for cancelled lessons due to bad weather. Tuition will remain the same and make-up lessons will be available when the weather permits. There are no deductions for missed lessons, however missed lessons may be made-up in another class. If dropping from a class or classes 30 day written notice is required.  
There is a 15% discount for preschool classes Monday-Friday from 10 a.m.-1 p.m. We give a 20% discount to each child enrolled after the first from the same family. This applies to class fees only. It does not apply to the registration fee or private lessons.  
Competition Team
The award winning Dance Connection P.A.C. Team, is comprised of approximately 80 students chosen during the summer each year by audition.

The members are a dedicated group performing not only at competitions, but also at several other functions throughout the area such as: The Family Arena, Cardinal games, Six Flags, Union Station, mall performances, etc. purely for the love of dance.

More Team Information Here. Be sure to ask your teacher or the front desk for more information.  
Voice and Piano Lessons
We offer private voice lessons and piano lessons. Please ask the front desk for more information.  
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